Compare cloud mining companies


Compare cloud mining

Compare cloud mining companies

Compare cloud mining companies

This article will be used to compare several Bitcoin cloud mining companies and the services they offer which are usually posted on their websites. lt is not a guarantee that those companies that are going to be listed here offer the services but it is just to merely serve as a Bitcoin cloud mining company comparison. This is because statistics show that 99% of cloud mining companies have been reported as scams.

Hashing24 Review:

Since 2012 Hashing24 has been involving itself in Bitcoin mining. Their equipment are available in Georgia and Iceland where their addresses is also given on their website (hashing24.corn) and therefore their website can help you trace their places of operation and get their services which will make you have trust in them as real Bitcoin cloud mining company. All their company information is also on their website which truly reflects their nature of operations. There is no any misleading information like scammers who always put a fake PO box (address). They have been listed as a partner with BitFury on BitFury's website. BitFury company is one of the most renowned company because of it being richly funded and also standing out as one of the few re-sellers of hardware .They purchase emerging chips from BitFury which delivers maximum efficiency and performance. Hashing24 also accepts credit cards from their customers in the process of payment for the services they offer, this is opposed to scammers who don't because of charge back.Their price is affordable as they currently give a discount of 4% on all hashing power packages. They try their best to fully satisfy their customers as they provide them a live chat on their website to be explain any queries or issues.

There are many bitcoin cloud mining companies that exists but it is always good to be able to know in details about each cloud mining company that you deal with. This is because statistics show that 99% of cloud mining companies are scams. Many companies just claim to be cloud mining companies without showing any proof of them owning any hardware and therefore they just take people’s money and refuse to pay them out. There are only two cloud mining companies that have been recognized as real and they mean their businesses: Hashnest and Hashing24. But you should always be able to know the best cloud mining company among these. So this is where Hashing24 comes out the best of its unique features and characteristics that it possess which are going to be discussed below after first getting to know a little about Hashing24.

Hashing24 has its ideal address on its website as opposed to scammers who indicate fake addresses and you can never be able to locate them. One major reason which makes Harshing24 to be relied upon as a bitcoin cloud mining company is because of it being listed as a partner on BitFury's website .BitFury company is one of the most renowned company because of it being richly funded and also standing out as one of the few re-sellers of hardware.

The important features that makes Hashing24 stand out among the rest of other bitcoin cloud mining companies include but not limited to:
  • 1. They constantly evaluate new partners that can help you in providing the best speed, capacity and performance.
  • 2. They only sell to you new minted bitcoins which proves that the company is not selling to you bitcoins that you were already holding. You can always use block explorer to verify that the coins re newly minted.
  • 3. They accept credit cards as opposed to scammers who don't because of charge back.
  • 4. They make sure that their partners provide warranties for their equipment plus their maintenance and holds them accountable in case of any disruption to the cloud hosting of their clients as opposed to scammers who show no proof of equipment.
  • 5. They choose reputable partners with the best data centers that helps them in attracting customers hence increasing their sales.
  • 6. Hashing24 also lets you set your own custom plan that enables you rent the amount of hashpower that you want or have a budget on the amount to spend on hashpower. The hashing24 as a trustworthy and reputable cloud mining company that always loves and values their customers have an address that can help you access them and get services from them. They also have company information on their website where you can log into and get to know more about them. Their website is

The Comparison of Cloud mining Providers

Hashflare Cloud Mining provider: They provide profitable contracts to their clients. They require their customers to somehow buy 10 GH/s. Their limitation is absence of automated money withdrawal and low speed on their website when you try accessing it.

Genesis Mining cloud mining provider:

It is the biggest Bitcoin cloud mining company. lt provides 3 cloud mining setups that look convenient to their customers. However, for some reason their BTC mining contracts get canceled sometimes even though market is more or less stable and mining keeps being profitable, When looking further on Bitcoin review sites, it is noteworthy that many unhappy customers have shown their disregards toward Genesis Mining. By far their lead when it comes to unsatisfied customers.

Eobot Review:

Eobot mining starts Bitcoin cloud mining with only 10 dollars using PayPal. Their clients can disengage even in 14 months.

Hashnest Review:

Bitman, the initiator of Antiminer line of miners of Bitcoin, is the operator of Hashnest. Hashnest rents over 600 Antiminers.

Cloud mining scams include the following:

PB Bitcoin cloud mining company

They claim to operate Bitcoin cloud mining ASIC hardware. They cover mining fees and electricity costs and their customers normally start earning Bitcoins immediately after buying a cloud mining agreement. Their agreement is fully insured as they want their customers to achieve. Bitcoin cloud mining company:

They always start mining Bitcoins immediately after their customers purchasing KHS even in a few seconds and start trading their customers' KHS within no time From the above comparison of different Bitcoin cloud mining providers, you can judge for yourself the cloud mining provider that is best to you. To me, I would go for Hashing 24, but again as i said you have all the information to guide in choosing your preferred cloud mining provider which should be evident here as coming at the top of all the rest.

Cloud mining is mostly used by people who are looking for cheaper and convenient solutions that don't involve buying expensive hardware that will just become outdated. The goodness with Bitcoin mining is that makes customers to earn Bitcoins without any hassle. We can conclude by saying it is now clear that Hashing24 appears to be an actual cloud mining company as it owns its mining hardware. They are completely different from fake cloud mining companies who don't actually own hardware but just pays pretend payouts.