How to buy Bitcoins with Bank transfer

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How to buy Bitcoins with Bank transfer

People are more and more interested in the ways that Bitcoins can be purchased because it is a new currency which has come forward. People are not aware of how it works and the way that it can be bought. It is quite similar to the dollar and the euro and the pound, since it is used as a medium of exchange, but remember that no government or even a company actually controls this currency. You need to also understand that people think that buying Bitcoins is quite difficult but it is actually quite easy. Therefore, you can actually buy Bitcoins through bank transfer.

If you happen to have a bank account, which most people tend to have, then you can actually purchase this currency through wire transfer. However, there are different mediums that actually facilitate this type of transaction because Bitcoin is yet to be accepted completely into the world. You should also remember that in different countries around the world, Bitcoin can still be an object of a great scam, so you should definitely proceed carefully in this regard.

However, if you happen to be a citizen of the United States of America, then you would find that the purchase of Bitcoins through bank transfer is made easier through Coinbase. This is definitely considered to be highly recommended by different people. The funding has increased for this particular start-up and it has a huge customer base, along with a wide variety of merchants using this service. In addition, with Coinbase, you have the advantage that the fees that you have to pay is relatively low, especially compared to the other options that are available. You also need to understand that Coinbase works very well with US dollars, and it simply charges a 1 percent fees whenever Bitcoins are transferred to dollars and whenever dollars are transferred to Bitcoins. Therefore, through bank transfer, it is easier to transfer Bitcoins through the presence of Coinbase.

You simply have to make an account at Coinbase by registering yourself at the website. You will get a confirmation email in your inbox of the email address that you have provided, which would allow you to verify your account. After that, you have to click on the “buy your first Bitcoin” and see the current exchange rate. Then simply select the amount of Bitcoins that you want to buy and then enter the amount. After that, you have select the “verify bank account” page. You would then be required to provide your bank details for the account that you wish to connect with Coinbase. Then you have two options, which include being billed for small amounts, which then come up in your banks statement and then require verification. On the other hand, you can provide customer number and access code, which will allow Coinbase to verify your bank account itself. After that, you simply have to verify your phone number through the entering of a code. You are now set to purchase Bitcoins through your bank account.

Therefore, as you can see, it is quite easy to buy Bitcoins with bank transfer through the means of Coinbase.

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