How to buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

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How to buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

You need to understand that in the current world, which involves a lot of scamming, one has to proceed carefully. Furthermore, Bitcoins have just recently begun to be endorsed by some companies, which is why the information surrounding the ways to buy Bitcoins has still been quite shady. Since this is still a relatively new payment system, it is important for you to understand the different ways that you can buy Bitcoins with credit card. Moreover, you need to know the limitations that you face when you proceed with this process.

If you simply want to take advantage of the price volatility of Bitcoins, which allow you to make huge profits, then you can simply trade CFDs through a credit card on a wide variety of websites such as Plus500 and AvaTrade. However, remember that online trading can put you at a risk, so it is always better to leave this for experienced traders. In a few countries like those in Asia and Africa, buying Bitcoins with credit card can become difficult because of the high number of frauds, which may result in your accounts being frozen. However, there are some ways that you can conduct this process.

One way is through the Virtual World Exchange, known as Wirwox that allows you to buy Second Life Lindens (SLL) with the different major credit cards, and then exchange the SLL for Bitcoins. Therefore, this process which is actually conducted through PayPal will allow the use of any credit card, which is accepted on PayPal.

You can buy Bitcoins through as well by using services such as CoinMama. You do not need to buy SLL first and then actually get your hands on the Bitcoins. You simply need to pay through your credit card.

Another important source includes the, which is able to accept different major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. However, remember that you read the terms and conditions properly before depositing the amount required for the purchase of the Bitcoins. If you happen to be from United States, then the Crypto Money Exchange can allow you to use your credit card to fund this particular account and then buy LTC and BTC currencies. If you are based in Europe, then you can use the service of Bittylicious that allows the purchase of Bitcoins by credit card, as well as debit card. However, you need to provide ID validation before the purchase, so your credit has to be 3D Secure Enabled.

Moreover, CC2BTC allows you to get Bitcoin vouchers with Credit Card, and then getting those the voucher unlock code through priority mail. All the payments can be transacted over Stripe. Another service that allows you to purchase Bitcoins with complete ease anywhere and anytime in the world include MeetPays, which is a Spanish initiative providing a wide variety of comfortable and secure tools.

Therefore, there are numerous ways which allow you to buy Bitcoins with credit card. However, remember that you read all the terms and conditions of all the websites properly and then proceed with your transactions. It is quite easy to be scammed online these days.

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