How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

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How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

Up till now, there is no specific exchange system that permits to buy Bitcoins with Paypal. Luckily, Virtual World Exchange has introduced SSL or Virtual Currency Setup for the ease of customers. We offer to buy virtual currency through Paypal and use it to start dealing in Bitcoins. As there is possibility of chargeback, so the initial deposit amount is limited through credit card and Paypal. List of deposited amount at different levels is given below:

PayPal 24 Hours Deposit Limit (EURO)
• Level 0 = 80 (instant)
• Level 1 = 120 (10 days)
• Level 2 = 200 (after 2 months)
• Level 3 = 300 (after 3 months)
• Level 4 = 8,000 (only on request)

PayPal 30 Days Deposit Limit (EURO)
• Level 0 = 240 (instant)
• Level 1 = 600 (10 days)
• Level 2 = 2,000 (after 2 months)
• Level 3 = 3,000 (after 3 months)
• Level 4 = 80,000 (only on request)
In order to buy Bitcoins with Paypal, it is important to follow the bit by bit procedure. First of all, the customer has to visit Virwox or Virtual World Exchange and purchase the virtual currency.

1. Free Account
For beginners, the procedure starts with opening an account. There is an option for visitors, who are still not registered. Click on the option Customer Login, which is located at the left side to move towards the next step.

2. Provide Personal Information
The user is requested to fill the form with exact name and correct email address. Do not write any name for the option “Avatar Name”. Ignore all the upcoming messages related to Avatar. After completing the form, move forward for registration.

3. Account Activation
An email is sent to your account to confirm the process. Check this mail and use the given password on Virwox for activation.

4. Password Change Process
You will notice an open window for new password. The changed and confirmed password will be used for further money transferring activities.

5. Deposit Money
Select the option “Deposit” from My Accounts on left side. Select the amount in USD through Paypal Express. For each withdrawal and deposit process, certain amount is deducted as fee.

6. Purchase SLL
From the left side, select the option “Exchange” and then check “USD/SLL. It is possible to select any other currency as well. SLL or Second Life Lindens can be exchanged easily to Bitcoins.

7. Use SLL to Purchase BTC
As soon as SLL is available in account, purchase Bitcoins from BTC/SLL. VirWox gives a chance for manual review. The process will be completed in 6 hours up to 48 hours.

8. Withdraw In order to buy Bitcoins with Paypal, choose the option “Withdraw” and receive your Bitcoins. If you need to use Bitcoins just for trade, check out Plus 500 Bitcoin CFD or AvaTrade options.

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