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Since ICO's were introduced to the market in 2014, it still stands a chance of being new in the market since a lot of people don't have an idea of what it is. ICO stands for initial coin offering which is a method used by most of the companies to raise funds. This is usually done by those cryptocurrency companies aiming in throng funding. Some portion of !co is sold to those individuals who are willing to purchase them in exchange for either ether, fiat or bitcoin. Investors typically purchase them when their price is low, and then they sell them once the prices are high thus ending up making lots of profit. It works the same way as when people purchase the share and when they increase in value they end up benefiting from the gain. They are different from the bought shares in the stock market because in this case, you don't have the possession right when you invest in them.

ICO is gaining popularity slowly since people have a rough idea of what it is In the recent research, it shows that at least 50 tokens of icons are sold in a month. This, in turn, gives us a full insight that the icon is here to stay since the popularity in them keeps on increasing as a new day start. Most of the companies are running campaigns to make sure the icon gains lots of fame, and they have so far succeeded in doing that

There are those cryptocurrency companies that want to raise funds using the icon, for them to do that they need to have some particulars with them so that they can be permitted to do that. The items required are the amount of money they need to raise, the timeframe of ice campaign, the purpose of the project, the description of the project. If the campaign goes successfully, then they will use the money to complete the project.

THE ICO will a help a lot since the fund raised during the campaign is used in helping those who are in need of different charitable trust and also used to promote various types of businesses. But you should be warned as the industry also carries scammers who are there to conduct deception. They can pretend to be involved in the business, but they abandon the project sooner to make rapid proceeds. To be a successful investor in the ice, you need to take time and make a thorough research on the company before you embark on investing.

Ripa exchange has helped many to raise the amount of money they need for their scheme. The goodness with it is that it can pose a considerable amount of money in the shortest time possible. The government should take steps and control the icon to keep away those capitalists who take advantage of it


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